The Mergers and Acquisitions Market

The Mergers and Acquisitions Market

It’s natural to consider the strength of the market when selling your business – as well as achieving the best price possible, you’ll also want to sell at the best time to maximise that price. That time is now, according to an Experian MarketIQ report from 2016.

The UK market is the busiest it’s been since 2007, with 7,155 transactions taking place last year. These transactions gave the UK market a £283bn total value, making it Europe’s most valuable marketplace by a margin. This is expected to carry on throughout 2017, making it a perfect time to exit your company.

In addition to the consistent levels of UK spending, foreign buyers are also increasingly looking towards the UK. Seen as as a lower-risk opportunity, and with the value of Sterling dropping, the number of overseas buyers has been increasing at 7% year on year.

Institutional buyers are also looking at acquisitions more, with the number of deals including these types of investors growing by over a fifth in six years.

This is all leading to a very healthy market for an owner looking to exit, and could mean that the perfect time to leave is now. If you’re interested in discussing your business exit, you can get a valuation of your company here [link goes here] or, if you’d prefer to speak to an expert, our team is available on 0800 612 5929 to discuss your business.