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If you’re a company owner considering selling your business, the first thing you’ll want to know is how much your company’s worth. Whilst it can seem daunting at first, at Company Valuations we have all the skills and experience to help you find a realistic and fair value.

Our business valuation calculator uses the same methods that our industry professionals do, and uses turnover and profit, as well as our tried and tested formulas, to reach a representative valuation of your business.

Our experts can also discuss with you any other factors that could help increase the value of your business; factors like:

  • Stock and equipment included with the business
  • The strength of the brand
  • Current management team
  • Supplier contacts
  • Strength of the customer base
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Your valuation shows a range of sale prices achieved by companies in your sector with similar financials. There are a number of non-financial factors that can impact the valuation of a company. Call our expert advisers for an accurate valuation of your company

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